And Now I Hate Chris Borque

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I know none of this was his fault. He should be Rockin’ the Red in Boston Thursday night. The Caps couldn’t get anyone to take Michael Nylander’s incredibly huge salary and so they had to waive Borque for cap reasons. But now that is all forgotten and he is one of them.

Caps Waive Chris Borque

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Well that didn’t last very long. One day after being told he had made the roster and would start the season in the NHL, the Caps placed Chris Borque on waivers because of salary cap concerns. The team has been unable to trade Michael Nylander and his massive contract which forced this move. If Borque isn’t claimed by another team he’ll likely head to Hershey.

Caps Make Final Cuts

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Chris Borque will start the season with the big boys. The Caps made their final cuts this morning. Karl Alzner, Alexandre Giroux, Keith Aucoin, and Brandon Sugden are heading to Hershey, or Moose Jaw, or wherever. Chris Bourque, Tyler Sloan, and Quintin Laing made the team. Michal Neuvirth will either head to Hershey or stay with the team if he needs rehab for his undisclosed injury.

Olie Kolzig Retires

My daughter when she was four hanging with the greatest goalie in Caps' history.

My daughter when she was four hanging with the greatest goalie in Caps' history.

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Olie Kolzig, the greatest goaltender in Washington Capitals history, retired Wednesday.

With the Caps, Kolzig won 711 games, a Vezina Trophy as the top goaltender in the NHL, made two All-Star teams, and was a singular leader that held the team together during a brutal rebuilding process.

“I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to play the game of hockey at the NHL level for many seasons and I am grateful for everything the game has given me,” said Kolzig.

He was a great player, but he is a better man. He is active in the community, especially fighting autism, and always carries himself with class. The Capitals, and the NHL, were lucky to have him.

Here are two of my favorite Olie moments. First, his fight with former Caps goalie Byron Dafoe. They were the best man at each other’s weddings.

Second, a classic Caps ad.

Thanks Olie!

Wayne Gretzky Is Missing

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Things just keep getting weirder in Phoenix. The Coyotes have filed for bankruptcy and are begging to move. Now word comes that head coach Wayne Gretzky has yet to make an appearance at training camp. The Great One is still getting his $8 million salary to coach the team, he’s just not coaching the team. According to the Arizona Republic “Assistant coach Ulf Samuelsson is really working, because he has to stand in as acting coach while Gretzky is off doing who knows what.”

And I thought Mario Lemieux was a douche.

Gretzky resigned Thursday. Former Dallas Stars coach Dave Tippett has been named the new head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes.

Straight Rubles Homey

Sergei Federov's skating > Sergei Federov's money management

Sergei Federov's skating > Sergei Federov's money management

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Ex-Cap Sergei Federov is getting paid.

Well, technically he’s getting repaid his own money.

Well, he would be getting repaid if the guy who stole it from him had the money.

Anyway, a circuit court in Michigan says Federov is entitled to $60 million from Joe Zada. Federov gave Zada $43 million to invest over the last decade. Apparently it didn’t go well. I’m sure it’s just a paperwork mix-up and Zada will have a check in the mail by tomorrow.

I Wasn’t Complaining

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What does “Stop throwing hats” mean? Watch the video below and you’ll understand. This site will be all about the Washington Capitals and those who cross them. I know the Pens won the Cup. Congratulations. But that doesn’t mean Sidney Crosby is better than Alex Ovechkin. He’s not. We’ll touch on that subject a lot here. And Pens fans, enjoy Crosby having that one Cup to none lead. It won’t last.

Here’s what led to his whining.


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