Anything Happening, Caps Fans?

Posted by the LJizzle

So, has there been any big news in Caps Nation since I last posted?

Let’s see, ridiculous losses to Toronto, the Rangers and the Sabres?  Anything worth mentioning there?

Ahhh, the coaching change.  That seems to be the big news of the day (or of two days ago – to paraphrase the immortal words of Professor Dave Jennings, I have a job, people).  Let me stick my two cents in.  Full disclosure – as an Islander fan, I hate Dale Hunter for the Turgeon hit (best line -after Hunter was hired and Kirk Muller, who skipped town on the Islanders, was hired in Carolina, someone on twitter posted, “Who’s hiring Darcy Tucker?”).  Having said that, if Hunter coaches as he played, with a no bullshit approach, it seems to be the style that this teams need.

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History Will Be Made Tonight

Posted by Brad Parker

I think we all know what happens tonight. History will be made. And on a June night, not too far in the future, history will make amends.


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