First Week Overview from the LJizzle

Posted by the LJizzle

It’s been a good first week for the Caps. It’s hard to argue with gaining ten out of a possible ten points in your first five games.

You might think “Who have they played?”

I would argue that Carolina is much improved and the Pens are the Pens, but aside from that, it’s not a murderer’s row.

Despite their shopping spree, Florida is just not that good, and I think Tampa Bay is going to backslide as Roloson is starting to show his age.

Vokoun has been good, despite letting in some bad goals from off angles in his first start. The proof for him will be in May, not in October, and he’s not terribly playoff-tested, but if you said to me, “You could have Vokoun for a year for under $2M, or sign Bryzgalov to a stupid 9-year deal that counts almost $6M per year against the cap until he’s 40, I would take the former every time. I’m not sure that Bryzgalov is better than Vokoun, he’s got a history of playoff folds, and it’s a classic Philly goaltending move. The best thing that could happen to Bobrovsky is to get out of there – complete disregard and lack of patience for a promising young talent by Dineen.

I will say that we’re going to look back on the Bryzgalov deal as the worst goaltender deal since (and maybe even worse than) DiPietro.

Kudos to GMGM for this deal, and for fleecing the Avalanche in the Varlamov deal.

Having said all that, there are some bones to pick.

Bruce Boudreau continues to confound, and his next logical thought would likely be his first. The whole “I’m going to start Neuvirth in the first home game, even though the team has already conceded that Vokoun is the guy” was just stupid, and risked alienating Vokoun needlessly.

Vokoun is an older goaltender, there are going to be plenty of places to spot Neuvy, didn’t need to do it the first game.

Further, the Green-Hamrlik pairing continues to confuse me. Green has absolutely no hockey sense whatsoever. His never-ending desire to rush the puck leads to bad decisions – he makes these rushes regardless of situation – and lead consistently to odd-man rushes the other way.

I don’t know if Brads was thinking just of Semin in his off-season screed against the team, but some of the comments he made seemingly could be interpreted against Green. To pair him with an 85 year old Roman Hamrlik seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

I’d rather see Green paired with Alzner, who is much younger and very defensively responsible. Carlson has
some of Green’s offensive flash, but is much more cognizant of defensive responsibilities and would be a better fit with Hamrlik.

It seems like Bruce rarely matches up lines, and the Semin situation calls out for the coach to hold him accountable, yet he never does anything in this regard.

Gabby aside, a good start to the season. Let’s see where it takes us.

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